There are many things to consider when selecting a turnstile. Turnstiles can be full height, waist high, or optical. They can have a variety of options from biometric scanners, card scanners, bar code readers and metal detectors to basic items like counters. The most important thing in ordering a turnstile is knowing what your objective is for the unit. Do you know the environment for it? Will it be a stadium or arena turnstile with ticket scanning capability? Do you want to have access controlled in a secure area like an embassy? Do you just want to control traffic flow with low security? Know your objective for the turnstile and then you will have your turnstiles providing the service that they were intended to perform. Turnstiles can be a very cost effective tool provided you plan well. Whether you are an architect or contractor you can select a turnstile with confidence if you choose a reputable integrator. www.TURNSTILES.us Turnstiles has been making turnstiles for many years and has turnstiles in embassies world-wide, stadiums and arenas across the globe (including NFL, MLB) top venues and universities and offices. We can make your pedestrian access control work right the first time by planning your turnstile layout and giving you turnstiles that work as planned.

Browse our selection of turnstiles:

High Security Full Height Turnstiles
Our Single or Tandem Full Height turnstiles in stainless or galvanized steel

Beacon Series Optical Turnstiles
Custom configured Optical turnstiles with any cabinet or top you choose.

Executive Series Waist High Turnstiles
Our premier interior application turnstile for prestige settings.

EntraPASS Global Edition Series Waist High Turnstiles
Durable turnstiles for interior/exterior high traffic environments with optional coin / ticket capabilities.

Brute Series Turnstiles
Our value line of reliable high traffic turnstiles.



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